Central Illinois Golf Course
Superintendents Association
2018 Partner Recognition Program

Welcome to the 2018 Partner Recognition Program. To meet the needs and requests of Vendors both large and small this program has been created to offer the best value for your investment in our association. Offering a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities and advertising placements we believe this program will be the basis to continue to expand our relationships with you, our vendors. Attached is a copy of the Al-a-carte menu in the 2018 Partner Recognition Program.pdf for you to choose the level and events you would like to sponsor. Below is a brief explanation of the sections listed in the program. The Board of Directors recognizes the fact that proper recognition must be given to those who make these events possible. Therefore sponsors of each event will receive small signage on the registration table and or food and beverage table, along with multiple verbal announcements during the event. Your investment will be properly recognized by the association and it’s members.

Section A:
Membership(s) the single Associate Membership remains $150.00
Discounts are offered for additional memberships. Now you pay for what your organization needs. Please remember to fill out a PRP Member information form for each member.

Section B:
Vendor Day Tee sponsorship is $250.00 per tee placement; signage is the responsibility of each vendor. Now you have the opportunity to sponsor or co-sponsor the Food and Beverage portion of this event and receive proper recognition for your investment without having such a large single cost.

Section C:
Individual Event Sponsorship.
In an attempt to provide the best possible outings, we are asking for sponsorships for each event for morning treats (breakfast or doughnuts and pastries also coffee and soda) Lunch and in some cases after event refreshments. We have blended these budgeted costs into co-sponsor levels. Co-Sponsors of events will be mentioned at the beginning of the event and be given a chance to say hello to the group (this is not intended to be a sales pitch so under 2 minutes maximum please) If one vendor would like to sponsor a full meeting that is encouraged and that sole sponsor will receive up to 30 minutes to present approved content at that meeting.

Section D:
There will be an annual directory printed. The directory will be printed after dues are received and current ads are submitted, the new directory is planned to be available in June of each year moving forward. If you choose to place a full page ad in the annual directory it should be submitted with your application. You may also choose to have your ad placed inside the front or rear cover (first come first served).

Section E:
Research Donation
We have created a new fund to benefit local turfgrass research in the name of former CIGCSA Charter Member - George "Tony" Polillo. This line has been added for those who wish to make a donation and also to assist in meeting your sponsor level if only a small amount is required to make the next level.

Section F:
Vendor Level
Please note, sometimes the total will not update as you make additions to the above fields, to force the total to the correct amount please highlight the total amount and delete the total, it will then automatically re-total to the correct amount. This amount is used to determine the sponsorship level you have attained. The higher the level the more recognition and benefits you can receive. If you achieve a Gold or Platinum level you will be able to bring up to 3 guest Superintendents or Assistants to an event at no charge. Along with the other listed benefits.

Section G:
Recognition apparel
To help recognize our vendors we plan to offer a one time availability of a golf shirt that will have a version of the CIGCSA proud sponsor logo that is being designed now. Platinum level sponsors will receive I free set with extra available to purchase. These will not be made available to the public!!!

PRP Membership Form:

Please fill out one form per member. If the information has not changed from last year please mark “same as 2017”. At the bottom of the form please fill in contact information for anyone in your company that you would like to receive "Thank You" correspondence.
Thank you for taking the time and effort to contribute to our group. With support from our vendors in the past and with your help in the future we will continue to grow our organization and assist Golf Course Superintendents of today and tomorrow.
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